N30 Premium Nano Air Disk

N30 Premium Nano Air Disk

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N30 Premium Nano Air Disk increases water circulation in tank and reduces dead spots responsible for the growth of blue green algae. It also increases oxygen level in water.


  • Oxygenating stone tray
  • Low pressure disk (Easy to vent)
  • Uniform and fine bubbles
  • Good air permeability, strong and durable
  • Multiple size for various fish tank size
  • Monolithic chassis (No seams and leak proof)

Air Disc Cleaning Tips

  • Recommended to clean once every 1-2 month
  • Step 1: Soak air disc in clean water about 60mins
  • Step 2: Clean the dirt with brush
  • Step 3: Rinse under clean water

Air Disc Instructions

  • 1. Soak for 30mins before use
  • 2. Use a more powerful air pump if air bubbles are uneven
  • 3. Long-term use