ANS Opti Tank 60M + Twinstar LED Light 600E

ANS Opti Tank 60M + Twinstar LED Light 600E

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Package includes:

  • ANS Opti Clear Tank 60M (60 x 30 x 36cm Crystal Glass)
  • Twinstar LED Light 600e (60cm)


ANS Opti Clear Tank

  • super clear glass provides gentle unobstructed viewing
  • super clear silicon with superior workmanship
  • OPTICLEARs are lovely craft tank design for aquahobbyist, aquascapers. With its classy appeal and look, it is not just a tank, but also a decoration for your cozy home or office.
  • Beautiful craft tank with superior clarity


Twinstar Lighting

  • Uses Japan NICHA LED chips, RGB-W LED mixed by Professional Aquascaper to achieve high PAR level.
  • Increasing photosynthesis rate (Increase Pearling effect) of plants, especially for red plants.
  • increase colour of fishes