Aquario Neo Soil (3L/8L)
Aquario Neo Soil (3L/8L)
Aquario Neo Soil (3L/8L)
Aquario Neo Soil (3L/8L)
Aquario Neo Soil (3L/8L)
Aquario Neo Soil (3L/8L)

Aquario Neo Soil (3L/8L)

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Main feature of Neo soil for Plants
  • Excellent growth of aquatic plant
  • Fast activation of the bottom
  • Contains powder bacteria and food for bacteria
  • Contains micro-elements
  • Maintains stable water quality
  • Excellent adsorption power
  • Double layer manufacturing method
Containing material that promotes beneficial bacteria
Upon contact with water, it promotes the growth of beneficial bacteria and helps the aquatic plants absorb nutrients in the soil.
It is important to pre treat your water and make sure it does not contain Chlorine.

Fast activation of the bottom
Activation of the bottom makes roots of aquatic plants absorb the nutrition effectively, which enables to grow abundantly with less fertilizer preventing bad algae in advance.

Maintaining stable water quality
Since NH3/NH4 and NO2 disappear very quickly at the beginning of the setting, there is little chance of bad algae

Double layers of Manufacturing method
Neo soil is consisted of 2 layers, brown soil inside and black soil outside, which makes it lighter than other soils and become Filter Media itself

Many micropores
Neo Soil has a lot of micropores where bacteria can live. Therefore, beneficial bacteria survive stably, prevent rapid water quality changes, and help the growth of healthy plants

Water Change Cycle (After setup)
We do recommend 30% water changes every 3 days after the initial setup for first 2 weeks to avoid algae.
Try to maintain 25% water changes every week afterwards to keep your tank healthy.