JBL Artemio Mix (230G)
JBL Artemio Mix (230G)
JBL Artemio Mix (230G)

JBL Artemio Mix (230G)

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Mix of Artemia eggs and salt for mixing

Live food for tropical freshwater and marine fish.

Mixed food comprised of brine shrimp eggs, salt and micro algae for the diet of aquarium fish.

To use: add 3 measuring spoons of the mix to 500ml tap water. The brine shrimps hatch after 24 to 36 hours.

Optimal pH value thanks to balanced proportion of salt.

230 g ready mix for 14 applications, each of 500ml water.

Package contents: ArtemioMix, ready mix of salt and brine shrimp eggs, incl. measuring spoon 5ml.

Fish love a varied diet


An unbalanced fish diet can lead In the long term to deficiency symptoms, diseases and fatty degeneration of organs. Provide your aquarium dwellers with a varied died in the form of live food. When catching or purchasing live food there is a risk of introducing bacteria and parasites into the aquarium.

Producing your own live food has many advantages:


Free of parasites

Rich in fibre

Not just a "pool“ anymore

Promotes the hunting instinct of the fish

Increases readiness of spawning

Easy, quick and convenient

Affordable alternative compared to frozen food


It’s fun to do it yourself :


Add salt to the water

Put the Artemia eggs into the saltwater

Wait until the brine shrimps have hatched

Strain the brine shrimps into a sieve

Ready for feeding



Crude protein (3.1%)

Crude fat (0.6%)

Crude fibre (0.2%)

Crude ash (0.4%)