Rhizophora sp.
Rhizophora sp.

Rhizophora sp.

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Mangrove Care Guide


Do rinse the mangrove in RO/DI water before placing it into your tank.


Choosing a Suitable Spot

Mangroves cannot be fully submerged underwater. Ensure that 1/3 of the mangroves are above water for them to strive. Roots may be planted into substrates like sand, gravel or coral chips. It can also be suspended in the water column (Eg: overflow box) to absorb nitrates and phosphates.



Spray/clean the leaves in RO/DI every 3-4 days to prevent the build-up of salt, which could inhibit growth or even death. (In nature, rainfall washes away the salt). Therefore we are replicating them as close as we can in our aquarium.



Mangroves do not require extremely strong lighting, however, stronger lighting(more than 300par) can allow mangroves to strive.