Tympanopleura cf. Piperatus

Tympanopleura cf. Piperatus

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The Neotropical catfish genus Tympanopleura, previously synonymized within Ageneiosus, is revalidated and included species are reviewed. Six species are recognized, two of which are described as new. Description: Tympanopleura is distinguished from Ageneiosus by having an enlarged gas bladder not strongly encapsulated in bone; a prominent pseudotympanum consisting of an area on the side of the body devoid of epaxial musculature where the gas bladder contacts the internal coelomic wall; short, blunt head without greatly elongated jaws; and smaller adult body size. Species of Tympanopleura are distinguished from each other on the basis of unique meristic, morphometric, and pigmentation differences. Ageneiosus melanopogon and Tympanopleura nigricollis are junior synonyms of Tympanopleura atronasus. Tympanopleura alta is a junior synonym of Tympanopleura brevis. A lectotype is designated for T. brevis. Ageneiosus madeirensis is a junior synonym of Tympanopleura rondoni. Tympanopleura atronasus, T. brevis, T. longipinna, and T. rondoni are relatively widespread in the middle and upper Amazon River basin. Tympanopleura cryptica is described from relatively few specimens collected in the upper portion of the Amazon River basin in Peru and the middle portion of that basin in Brazil. Tympanopleura comprises species of small to medium sized auchenipterids, ranging in maximum size from about 50 mm SL (T. piperata) to 160 mm SL (T. rondoni). Body widest at pectoral-fin origin, moderately to strongly compressed posteriorly. Dorsal and ventral aspects of body gently tapered posteriorly, greatest body depth at base of dorsal fin. Head moderately depressed, dorsal profile gently sloping upward to anterior margin of supraoccipital, inflected more acutely to dorsal-fin origin (Walsh, Stephen J. et al)


Common Name:


Transparent Hammerhead cat












South America: Peru




5.0cm (2ins)




22-24°c (71-75°f.)








Walsh, S.J., F.R.V. Ribeiro and L.H.R. Py-Daniel, 2015. Revision of Tympanopleura Eigenmann (Siluriformes: Auchenipteridae) with description of two new species. Neotrop. Ichthyol. 13(1):1-46.



Size 5cm