EIHO Methylene Blue
EIHO Methylene Blue

EIHO Methylene Blue

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Traditional treatment against various diseases
Excellent treatment for fungus infection

EIHO Methylene Blue is an effective treatment for common protozoan parasite and fungus in fish. Methylene Blue is commonly used in hatcheries specially for discus breeders to reduce incidence bacterial and fungus infection. 
It is effective against egg fungus. Also useful to treat common gills diseases, sliminess of skin and mass white spot infection. EIHO Methylene Blue can also be used to help reduce chances of fish getting nitrite toxicity after prolonged transportation, and to improve oxygen circulation.

SHAKE BEFORE USE. For hatcheries, use 1 cap (5ml) for 50L (2mg/L). Additional dosage can be added on third and fifth days if needed. For treatment of diseases, use 1 cap (5ml) for 50L (2mg/L). Additional dosage can be added on fourth and seventh days if needed. Remove activated carbon and turn off UV during treatment. Kills plants and filter bacteria in display tank. Can dye filter equipment. Best to be used in quarantine tank.

Active ingredients: Methylene Blue (zinc free)