Aquael Skimmer SAS 500 Surface Skimmer
Aquael Skimmer SAS 500 Surface Skimmer

Aquael Skimmer SAS 500 Surface Skimmer

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Aquael Skimmer Surface Filter SAS Filter 500l/h 4.4W

Effective water surface filtration

SAS 500 filter is an aquarium surface filter designed to remove a layer of impurities from the water surface resulting from dust, protein film or small plant remains. It helps to maintain the aesthetic appearance of the aquarium, supports the process of filtration and aeration of water. Thanks to the adjustable performance, it is ideal for both large and small aquariums.

For an unsightly sheepskin coat

A common problem in aquarium tanks is bacterial scum formed on the surface of the water. It reduces gas exchange, hinders light penetration and spoils the appearance of the aquarium. There are a few recurring tips on how to deal with bacterial scum on online aquarium forums. Aquarists recommend, among other things, the installation of a sprinkler with a strong filter - or ad hoc - collecting impurities with a paper towel. However, they indicate the installation of a surface filter as the most effective and simplest solution.

Why choose SAS 500 filter?


The effectiveness of the SAS 500 filter is due to its design. Water along with surface impurities goes through the float to the filter chamber, where it is subjected to filtration. The impurities settle on the dense sponge pre-filter, which must be cleaned regularly so that the effect of a clean water surface in the aquarium is constantly maintained.


SAS FILTER 500 is equipped with an energy-saving high-performance pump, thanks to which the device is perfect for large tanks (up to 500 liters). The water flow regulator allows you to easily adjust the filter's efficiency also to small aquarium tanks, even 20-liter.


The built-in sponge pre-filter prevents shrimps and small fish from accidentally getting into the engine compartment. If an aquarium resident ends up inside the device, it can be safely released by tilting the filter sleeve over the aquarium.


SAS FILTER 500 is equipped with a maintenance-free float that automatically adjusts the filtration to changing water levels in the tank. So you don't have to adjust the filter every day. The only thing you need to take care of is installing the device in the aquarium. It is extremely simple thanks to the suction cup holder, which ensures quick installation of the device and efficient removal from the aquarium. The simple design guarantees easy cleaning and maintenance.

Especially recommended:

     in open tanks - which, due to the lack of a cover, favor the deposition of a layer of pollutants on the water surface.
     after service of the tank - cyclical maintenance works in the aquarium (such as trimming vegetation) generate impurities on the water surface.
     in aquariums with a large stock of fish - more animals in the aquarium include e.g. more uneaten food, which - like dust and small plant remains - is deposited on the water surface of the tank.

Technical data:

     Power: 4.4W

     Capacity: 500l/h

     Aquarium capacity: 20-500l

     Adjustment of the efficiency and direction of the water outlet: YES