Corydoras Schultzei

Corydoras Schultzei

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Black Venezuela Corydoras (Corydoras schultzei Black Venezuela)

Table of Contents:Quick FactsPhotosWater ParametersNatural HabitatDiet & FeedingSexual Dimorphism

Black Venezuela Cory Catfish are a rare colour variation of Gold Flash Cory Catfish. This species was developed and line-bred by German aquarists in the 1990s and has since circulated to hobbyists worldwide. Still, it does not seem to be commercially bred as much as other common Corydoras species.


Black Venezuela Cory Catfish are a very peaceful, active and hardy species that makes a striking addition to any established community aquarium. However, these Corys are shoaling species in nature; therefore, it would be best to maintain them in a group of at least five individuals, preferably more.