Dr. Bassleer Biofish-Food Acai

Dr. Bassleer Biofish-Food Acai

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Biofish Food Acai

New Dr. Bassleer Biofish Food with Acai fruit berries from the Açai palm tree from the Amazone! Discovered during Amazon trips, talking and snorkling with the fishermen= we noticed the most healthy fish were eating Açai fruits on the bottom of the river.

Gives extra colour and power to the fish = more beauty and health.

Ideal for Breeding Pairs, like a kind of ‘Red Bull’ = colours and energy of the fish to reach their optimum level!!!

Also recommended for fish that are weakened and need an extra energy booster.

Developped after 6+ months of testing in the fish house of Bassleer Biofish.

After many feedback from hobbyists= very popular for Discus, Angelfish, Cichlids, Marine Angel fish & Emperors, Betta Fighting fish, etc.

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