Erythrinus Erythrinus
Erythrinus Erythrinus

Erythrinus Erythrinus

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Rainbow Wolf Fish (Erythrinus erythrinus) known to tropical fish keeping enthusiasts as High Fin Wolf Fish or Red Wolf Fish are found in Brazil, French Guiana, Peru, Trinidad and Tobago,  and Venezuela.

Rainbow Wolf Fish (Erythrinus erythrinus)  are usually found among surface vegetation in the very shallow waters of small river tributaries, swamps, the margins of forest lakes, marshes, pools, and ditches of their range.

The Rainbow Wolf Fish has a modified swim bladder that allows it to breath air and survive in stagnant or oxygen depleted waters and like “walking catfish” they have been know to travel short distances over land when their native waters begin to dry up.

Rainbow Wolf Fish are carnivorous predators that sport a mouth filled with sharp teeth.   They show absolutely no fear and will viciously strike at any object introduced into their tank.

Size: 8cm to 10cm