JENECA Hang On Filter XP

JENECA Hang On Filter XP

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1.Free water when restart.

2. Waterfall effect, which can increase dissolved oxygen.

3. The flow can adjustable by the regulating valve.

4. Processor for oil film.

5.Adopted ABS plastic,Its impact resistance, heat resistance, low temperature resistance, chemical resistance and electrical properties are excellent.

6. Activated carbon filter cotton,which can remove the peculiar smell and the filtering effect is strong. Good elasticity,Strong filterability, can reuse after cleaning.

7.Novel design, Reasonable structure, the line conform to aesthetics, the visual effect is strong.

8.Unique design, integrated filtration,oxygenation, draw water, fountain, circulation and wave making.

9.Installed easily and the cleaning and maintain is convenience.

10.Professional and energy saving, Multistage silencing and damping, motor ultra-silence.

11.Innovative packing,conform to consumer demand, its also can as the gift box.

12.Stretch pipe, suitable for different size of aquarium.