ZISS Fish & Shrimp Incubator ZET-E55
ZISS Fish & Shrimp Incubator ZET-E55
ZISS Fish & Shrimp Incubator ZET-E55

ZISS Fish & Shrimp Incubator ZET-E55

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ZET-E55 Ziss Egg Tumbler


  • Inner diameter: 55mm
  • Volume: 200ml
  • Overall Size: 6cm x 16cm
  • Individual Mount - No
  • Recommended Use: Special short model

ZET-E55 Fish Egg Tumbler. These beautifully designed and manufactured pieces of equipment are the best on the market. 

Ziss Tumblers are mechanically equivalent to the McDonald hatching jar, however the Ziss Tumblers can be installed inside your aquarium and are simply operated by an aquarium air pump which is controlled by an adjustable air tap.

Ziss Tumblers are suitable for both Marine and Freshwater systems.


  • Can Hatch Extreamly Sensitive Fish Species (Frontosa Blue Moba, Xenotilapia Red Princess, Tembewe Deux etc.)
  • Works well even at early stage striped eggs
  • Works even at early stage striped eggs- Easy installation on tank inside by innovative submersible design
  • Shocks by water change can be eliminated
  • Applicable for multi-egg species production
  • Additional water inlet/outlet system is not required
  • Easy operation by self-standing leg, additional holder and air control valve
  • Embryonic development can be easily observed
  • Bad/rotten eggs can be easily removed by siphoning
  • Eggs and sac fry are not stressed by soft flow of water and round bottom design
  • Shorten the breeding cycle of the breeder

Operation Guide
  • Ensure the unit is throughly cleaned before use
  • Attach the support bracker with the suction cups to the inside of the tank
  • Transfer the fish eggs into the incubator
  • Seal the tumbler with the top section of the unit.
  • Remove any trapped air within the chamber and the filter sponge
  • Tumble the fish eggs, adjusting the airflow to achieve the desired movement using the adjustable air tap.