Aquarium Maintenane Service

Do you want an aquarium at your facility but don’t have time to maintain it?

You’re not alone.

When fish tank maintenance is too difficult or time-consuming, we’ll take care of it for you.

Freshwater Aquarium Services Include:

  • Cleaning of algae from aquarium glass/acrylic
  • Cleaning of algae from gravel line
  • Water change (25% in most cases)
  • Addition of water conditioner (chlorine remover)
  • Gravel vacuuming (removal of fish waste/food/detritus via siphoning)
  • Cleaning of filter intake tubes, lids and impeller (motor)
  • Testing of water (when necessary for troubleshooting algae problems, disease etc.)
  • Visual inspection of all equipment
  • Visual inspection of overall aquarium/fish health
  • Cleaning of aquarium lids and wipe down of aquarium furniture
  • Cleaning of aquarium lighting
  • Refilling of auto feeder and replacement of disposable filter media (fee sometimes applies)
  • Consultation with customer about overall health of aquarium

We have a series of maintenance packages for individuals / offices, with highly affordable rates payable every month / annually. Contact us for more information.